Social media SEO: 6 SEO tools to make your social media more effective

Many digital marketers agree that combining SEO and social media impacts your overall marketing positively. After all, both are inbound channels with the same goal – increase business visibility and attract more customers.

Hence, being visible on social media is just as important as ranking highly on the SERPs. But social media marketing isn’t easy, especially these days. From coming up with unique content ideas to posting at the right time and tracking insights, it can be challenging to see good results.

Thankfully, several SEO tools support social media to enable you make the most out of your online presence. These tools help manage content, track performance, and uncover data-driven insights to refine your social media strategy and achieve meaningful results.

So, here are 6 SEO tools whose social media integration facilitates your social media efforts. 

6 SEO tools that help your social media marketing

The following SEO tools can support your social media marketing efforts.

1. InLinks

2. SEMrush

3. SE Ranking

4. BuzzSumo

5. Sitechecker

6. RankRanger

InLinks is the leading entity SEO tool helping businesses grow their organic traffic and topical authority. The software provides a powerful social media management tool designed to simplify social media marketing by making it an extension of your website. 

The tool removes the burden of brainstorming content ideas by first creating an entity-informed social content plan. Then, it automates content creation, optimization, and posting to ensure consistency and help you manage your social presence efficiently.

Your website’s knowledge graph— the one the InLinks system builds when you first create a project— powers the social content ideas InLinks generates. With the knowledge graph, InLinks identifies the topics you need to cover to establish authority on social media. Then, it turns to Google Suggest to extract burning questions potential customers have about those topics so you can answer them in your content.

The benefits of this are twofold. You now have an entity-informed cluster of content ideas, so no more worrying about what to post on social media. Secondly, you can confidently create authoritative content (from the ideas above) that fits into the larger context of SEO and effortlessly aligns with user intent and the ever-changing Google algorithm.

InLinks uses Open AI to create content from the ideas it generates. It’ll then format the content to suit the social media platform and add relevant hashtags, emojis, and a suitable stock image through its Pixabay integration.

The tool also provides a scheduling calendar to enable you create content in advance and automate posting on your desired platform.

InLinks’ social media tool is super easy to use. It lives within the entity SEO suite you’re already familiar with. 

So, all you need to do is add content pages to an InLinks project. The Natural Language Processing algorithm will analyze them, extract the named entities, and build a knowledge graph. From the social media manager, add topic ideas to the content plan. Then, write them with AI or by yourself, save them as drafts, publish immediately, or schedule them for later.

As you add more pages to your InLinks project, the social media tool will continue to generate content ideas. This way, you’ll stay consistent with your social strategy and never run out of relevant, valuable content.

Other features of the InLinks social media tool include:

  • Connects to popular social networks, including Google My Business
  • Seamless 2-click connection to your desired channel
  • Allows you to tweak the AI-generated content before posting
  • Lets you preview the content to see exactly how it’ll look on social media

The social media tool is affordable too. It’s free to use on the free account. Just head over here and signup for free. Add your first 20 pages to a project and put social media content creation on autopilot. If you want to generate more content ideas, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account and add more content pages to your project. 

The paid account starts at $49 per month and gives you access to the entire suite of entity SEO tools InLinks offers—internal linking, schema markup, content planning, and optimization. 

Start using InLinks for social media today, or read on for other SEO tools that support social media. 

2. Semrush:

Semrush is a well-known SEO software for keyword research and organic rankings. But it also offers a free social media toolkit to help post and track content. The toolkit has two components: social media tracker and social media poster.

The social media tracker provides invaluable insights into your competitor’s social media strategy. It gives you a panoramic view of their important data points like high engagement channels and content, audience growth, and publishing schedule. These insights can help you develop your social media strategy.

The second component — social media poster — helps with scheduling and posting content on different social platforms simultaneously. It has several scheduling options to encourage consistency. However, it does not provide any help with generating ideas and creating content which is the biggest challenge marketers have when it comes to social media marketing.

3. SE Ranking: 

SE Ranking provides a complete suite of useful SEO tools, including social media management software to plan, schedule and share content on Facebook and Twitter. 

Like most other SEO tools that support social media, its focus is on auto-posting and social media analytics, not content creation. The tool provides comprehensive reporting on the types of content that drive results and the best time to post them for better engagement. It details audience activities like retweets, bookmarks, mentions, and demographic data. 

Most importantly, it shows the impact of your social efforts on your SEO metrics right on your dashboard. Since the platform stores all your data in one place, it’s an excellent tool for managing multiple social media accounts, as there’s no need to switch between profiles or social channels.

SE Ranking offers users a free trial to test the social media management tool. After that, the tool is sold with other SEO packages, from $18.6 monthly.

4. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is another SEO tool that supports social media from the content side of things. As the leading platform for discovering what’s buzzing on the internet, BuzzSumo helps you uncover industry trends, customer questions, and engagement metrics across several social channels.

You can use the tool to discover hot content ideas for generating buzz around your brand. It’s also a media monitoring platform for tracking content performance, brand mentions and staying on top of industry news. Lastly, it helps you find the right industry influencers to collaborate with on social media. 

The insights from BuzzSumo are beneficial for informing your social content strategy and distribution plan. They can help you take advantage of quick-win media opportunities. The tool offers a 30-day free trial, and after that, prices start at $119/month.

5. Social media signals checker by Sitechecker:

Sitechecker’s platform of SEO tools includes a simple social media checking tool for monitoring your social activity. The tool provides an instant overview of share counts, comments, and reactions for your website’s URL on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Although its report is less detailed than other tools on this list, it’s handy for taking a peek into how your social audience responds to your content. The tool is free to use. 

6: RankRanger:

RankRanger is another SEO platform with an excellent social media analytics tool. The tool monitors engagement across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But one thing that makes it stand out is its integration with Google Analytics. 

You can track the effects of your social media activities on website visits and page views using RankRanger. You can also monitor social content performance and your audience’s geographic data from one dashboard. And when you need to report on your social media efforts, RankRanger allows you to generate social media analytics reports, then customize and share them as pdfs.

Combine social media with SEO for better marketing results

In today’s digital marketing, the connection between SEO and social media marketing is clear. A solid social presence improves brand awareness, visibility, backlinks, and website traffic. Great SEO, on the other hand, informs your social media strategy.

With social media becoming more like search engines, creating valuable content that demonstrates your expertise, is in line with your brand, and aligns with search algorithms has never been more critical. 

A sophisticated tool like InLinks will help you combine SEO and social media effectively to reach, attract and convert your target customers wherever they are. Using InLinks, you can consistently cater to your customer’s social content needs with unique and meaningful content optimized for search and user intent.

This post was researched and drafted by Juliet John and reviewed and edited by Dixon Jones.

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